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Brown Jasmine Nutra GABA Rice

New innovation of Thai Jasmine Rice. Rice Germ contains protein, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and functional components such as oryzanols, ferulic acid, phytic acid, and gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA is able to prevent many kind of diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, etc. Much more of soft texture with fragrance than normal brown rice is created the best serving for everone.

Benefit of GABA rice

More stress in our lifestyle thus normal nutrient of rice might not be enough. GABA will be one of your solution. In medical, GABA has several well know physiological functions such as neurotransmission and tranquilizer effects with regards to sleeplessness, depression, autonomic disorders, menopausal or presenium period, and weight control. Taking at least 150 gr for 8 weeks, blood pressure and all the problems will be in control. Also encouraged the Growth Hormone to build the stem cell and muscle to be firm and anti-aging. The research's result revealed that GABA is able to prevent the problem of Alzhiemer, Parkinson, and reduce the Cancer's cell.

How to consume

To make it nore effectiveness in consuming GABA rice, you need to eat at least 150 g. for 8 weeks which you can cook with normal rice or brown rice. No need  for washing.

How to cook

Cooked Rice : Ratio : 1 Cup of Brown Jasmine Nutra GABA Rice : 1.7 Cup of Water
Boiled Rice : 1 Cup of Brown Jasmine Nutra GABA Rice : 9 Cups of Water
After cooked, wait for 10 minutes, soft GABA rice will be ready for serving.

Nutrition Faces

Serving Size : 50 g.
Serving Per Container : 9
Amout Per Serving
Total Energy 190 kcal
(Carolies from fat 20 kcal)

%Daily Value

Total fat2 g.3%
Saturated fat0 g.0%
Cholesteral0 mg.0%
Protein 3 ก.
Total Carbohydrate39 g.13%
Dietary fiber3 g.12%
Sugars< 1 
Sodium0 mg.0%

%Daily Value

Vitamin A0%
Vitamin B110%
Vitamin B20%

Top of Business innovation for the year 2007 : Brown Jasmine Nutra GABA Rice.

Every year, National Innovation Agency, Ministry of Science and Technology will rank Thailand Top Innovation Business. On the year 2007, our Brown Jasmine Nutra GABA Rice was announced to be the number 1 for being value added in highly nutrient of Thai Rice. Brown Jasmine Nutra GABA Rice was created by Institute of Food Research and Product Development (IFRPD) Kasetsart University and Innofood (Thailand) Co., Ltd.