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Anti-listerial Activities of Ethanolic

Anti-listerial Activity of Ethanolic Extracts of Edible Thai Plants in Refrigerated, Cooked Pork

Siriporn Stonsaovapak, Soithong Saiyudthong and Jantima Japakaset

Listeria monocytogenes is a major foodborne pathogen responsible for the disease listeriosis. Effective methods for reducing L. monocytogenes in foods would reduce the likelihood of foodborne outbreaks of listeriosis, and decrease economic losses to the food industry. The objective of this study was to determine the potential for using edible Thai plant extracts to inhibit growth of L. monocytogenes on cooked pork.

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Effects of extrusion conditions on the properties of rice-based expanded snack with iron fortification

Chulaluck Charunuch, Saowaluk Rungchang, Chowladda Teangpook, and Vayuh Sonted

Iron deficiency is the primary cause of nutritional anemai which effects include lower growth rate, impaired cognitive scores in children, poor pregnancy out-come and lower growth rate, the fortification of food is often regarded as the most cost effective, long term approach to reducing prevalence of iron deficiency (Hurel, 1997). To be effective, a combination of an iron fortificant compound and food vehicle must be selected...

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Shelf-Life of Sliced Yard Long Bean (Vigna Sinensisvar. Sesquipedalis L.) Stored Under Selected Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Apinya Chudhangkura, Chansuda Jariyawattanawichit and Saowaluk Rungchang

Slicing generally causes injury and accelerates quality deterioration of fresh-cut produce. To prolong the shelf-life of sliced yard long bean (Vigna sinensis var. sesquipedalis L.), its respiration behavior and quality change during storage have been investigated. The effect of selected modified atmosphere pachaging on its fresh-like quality has been observed.  <Read more...>